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Pirate Party

Ahoy Mateys! When you get the opportunity to use gold coins on a day other that St. Patricks and creepy skulls on a day other than Halloween, you know its going to be a FUN parrrrrrty! From the pretzel peg legs to the fish and chips we made sure that this party was oozing with pirate booty!

As the pirates arrived they were assigned a pirate name. They dressed up in eye patches, bandanas, and hats.

Did you see this mates name tag? Surry Tuna Toes!

This map was custom made to include all the different games/challenges the pirates had to do in order to get to the treasure.

Walk the plank: Kids walked backwards on a pieces of elevated wood while wearing a blind fold and avoiding falling into the "shark infested ocean."

Captain Hooks Ship: A ring toss where kids through little rings onto the hook that was being warn by another pirate.

Canon Ball Beach: This destination consisted of two games. First they had to keep the inflated black balloons in the air only using there blow up swords. For the second challenge they were told to pop their balloon by either stepping or sitting on it. The balloons contained hints on where to find the treasure.

The Dig: Kids had to dig through a large bucket of sand to find some hidden treasure.

Message in a bottle: A bottle with a little note provided a hint on where to find the hidden treasure.

Each pirate was given a treasure bag filled with gold coins, canon balls (gum), ring pop, and other wearable jewels. Each bag was hidden around the yard so that every pirate had to find his own treasure. Once they found their treasure bag they were so search for the LARGE treasure chest. This chest was filled with jewels and candies. Everyone went home with more booty than they could hold.


Event styling and planning: Kenzie's Events

Event Manager with Kenzie's Events: Brittney Atkinson

Cake baker and designer: The Sugar Bee

Birthday banner: Turtle Notes

Gold coins, jewels, and necklaces: Zurchers

Balloons: Zurchers

Skull plates and parrot napkins: Meri Meri

Treasure Maps & Invitations: Kenzie's Events


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