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Woodland Party

The trail mix was one of the biggest hits. Each guest could grab a paper bag and fill it with endless items to make a delicious trail mix. They could munch on the mix while seeing the animals or simply take a bag home with them.

This photo booth was a lot of fun to make. I used cardboard letters and filled them with moss. Kids could choose to put on a woodland animal mask and hold a funny sign while getting their picture taken with the photo backdrop.

Wild Wonders in Utah did an amazing job! They brought different woodland animals and allowed the kids to touch them, but only using two fingers.

The scavenger hunt was a fun way to start the event. Each child was given a wooden pencil and were told to scavenger for different items around the backyard.

The oversized mushrooms were handmade by me and were used as a ring toss with hula hoops.

These large dream catchers were handmade with hula hoops and twine.

Animal experience: Wild Wonders

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